Innovation Strategists
InventCreating new digital innovations
BuildFocus on new developments and creating trends
TransformEnabling businesses to create the products, services, customer experiences, and business models of the future

Combining Strategy and Tech

Disruption is not new, but the pace of change is. The fourth industrial revolution is forcing businesses to rethink everything they know. Leading organizations behave as living entities, constantly adapting to change. With invention at their core, they continuously redesign their business to generate new sources of value. Winning is about fostering inventive thinking to create what comes next.

Innovation Strategy

This is why we define our company as innovation strategists, we look to create new digital innovation, consulting and transformation global business line processes. Our multi-disciplinary team helps business leaders find new sources of value. We accelerate the process of turning ideas into prototypes and scalable real-world solutions; leveraging the full business and technology expertise to implement at speed and scale. The result is a coordinated approach to transformation, enabling businesses to create the products, services, customer experiences, and business models of the future.

Business Strategy and Design Services

Moonlighter Group can accelerate value realization by identifying digital business transformation opportunities to quickly progress from ideation through to design, prototype and implementation. Exceptional experiences have a direct impact on business growth, customer loyalty, retention and revenue, as well as employee engagement. Moonlighter Group can help you create exceptional experiences with creative design and technology.

Business Model Innovation

Develop a well-defined operating model strategy to enable new and breakthrough competitive capabilities and differentiated customer value propositions. Today's business operations are often misguided because of misalignment between overall business strategy and operational strategy. A poorly defined operating model can add complexity and confusion about such elements as what to emphasize, cost, quality, service level, innovation and more. Your organization needs to address ongoing operational governance and avoid changes that are optimized for narrow objectives. Successful operations require examining processes, organizations, IT and other elements holistically for both performance and alignment, instead of concentrating on isolated areas.

Business Process Reengineering

Get a company-wide view of your current processes. Then use the global consulting experience of Moonlighter Group to modernize and reinvent your processes from the ground up.Business process reengineering involves gaining total visibility into your organization’s business processes. Next, you apply technology and consulting services to automate, monitor and continuously improve business processes.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is not a technology that operates in a silo. IoT can be enhanced by automation and AI to find new pathways to market. Succeeding in today’s competitive environment requires expert guidance. Moonlighter Groups IoT services has the expertise to help you build IoT capabilities that can create new revenue streams, increase operational efficiency and drive cost reductions.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an iterative process in which interdisciplinary teams work efficiently on creating high value from generating insights, testing and refining solutions for you.


Industry Solutions


Our Education solutions with cognitive technology help teachers and students improve outcomes from priimary school to employment. Moonlighter Group solutions and services, you can personalize learning, increase research capacity, and optimize operations.


Cut expenditures and reduce delays. Gain clearer visibility of assets and costs to make better use of resources and predictive maintenance. Increase visibility and control of your capital projects, space management, facility maintenance, and energy needs.

Media and Entertainment

Public consumption of physical and digital content and media has changed, bringing with it a host of challenges and opportunities. We work with media and entertainment companies to adapt to these trends today and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities


As a retailer, you recognize the seismic shifts taking place in the industry. But you’re equally aware of them as a consumer yourself. Rapidly changing consumer demands – plus powerful market disruptors and new business models – are upending the industry.