Moonlighter Group Core Services

We have a variety of services available to our clients. Here is a brief summary.

Android Apps Developement

Our mobile apps are designed with consideration for the demands and constraints of the devices and also to take advantage of any specialized capabilities they have.

HTML5 Modern Technology

we use the latest HTML5 detailed processing models to encourage more interoperable implementations; this extends, improves and rationalizes the markup available for documents, and introduces markup and application programming interfaces (APIs) for complex web applications.

Latest CDN Service

Our content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers. The goal of our CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

Enterpise Hosting Service

Web Hosting Package, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Storage Space, Includes on Free Domain, only R1 500 a year.

Want To Get To Know Us?

Moonlighter Group was established with the idea of creating an entity that can create and maintain quality and yet affordable Information and Communications Technology structures for a variety of organisations. We aim to aid organisations of all sizes to successfully apply themselves in their respective markets using tools and solutions geared at maximizing the outcomes brought forth by technology. Quality of service is our main foundation for success and providing our clients with the kind of ICT solutions they want is our number one priority. We encompasses a vision that’s based on positioning itself as the number one choice in ICT solutions within Africa. The goal is to create an organisation with the institutional capacity to sustain creative, inventive and quality solutions in the ICT industry. Today, we are an organisation that has evolved to provide a framework of products that offer, systems/application development, website development, IT support (helpdesk), database development and maintenance, network solutions, IT security, fax and printer solutions, data capturing and graphic designs.

Our areas of expertise

WordPress Plugin Dev89%
Web Design70%
PHP Programming60%
Hosted Sites
Developed Websites
Satisfied Customers
Systems Developed

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Creative Intelligence

“Creative Intelligence’’ an infinite source found in every living organism responsible evolution. Like the pollen-plant this source encourages and inspires us to live on, adapt, multiply and most of all, survive. In the dawn of the Ice Age, the pollen-planet emerged in a difficult era when all species were battling to sustain their very existence. It was only a million years later that in a genius attempt to overcome extinction and attract flying insects for pollination, the plant began to bloom coloured leaves which were later referred to as ‘petals’. To the amazement of history the pollen-plant had miraculously evolved into the first flower plant. A plant that is today the most recognised, loved, and admired living specie on the planet.

We as a ICT company believe that in more ways than one, the brand and organisation are like the pollen-plant constantly striving to thrive and adapt either to an ever-changing market or a new trend. Like the pollen-plant an organisation’s sole purpose is to continue to exist long after its founders are gone. That is why our company’s philosophy is based on the theory of the pollen-plant that affirms the idea that ‘creativity inspires life’.

For us it is essential to help our clients & brands constantly tap into that fundamental ‘intelligence’ as to allow new inventive solutions to filter through, and ultimately sustain the very existence and lifespan of their brand. Our vision as a company has always been larger than our individual self. We believe with Moonlighter Group we are building a ICT brand that will live long after we are gone. An entity that develops other brands through a vision that’s supplemented and sustained by brilliant creativity and effective ICT management, the objective of selling oneself will be met.

Featured Projects

We use a full range of web application to design a customised solution for your organisation.

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WordPress Application Development

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Joomla Template Design

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HTML5 Template Design

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CSS3 Animation

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WordPress Theme Devevelopment

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Web Designing

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App Developing

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HTML5 Project


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Extreme Technology Mag

For most of the past year, Microsoft has largely refused to change controversial Windows 10 policies, no matter how unhappy a vocal minority of users were over the company’s new strategy. Telemetry tracking, mandatory updates that combine security and non-security features, and the company’s insistence on an increasingly pushy Windows 10 upgrade schedule have all been impervious to consumer demands, though it did modify a plan to kill Skylake support for Windows 7 just 18 months after the platform launched and it did start handing out patch notes.

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BBC Technology News

Google has won a major US court battle with software firm Oracle after a jury ruled it did not unfairly appropriate parts of the Java programming language. Oracle had argued that Google had infringed its copyright and had sought nearly $9bn (£6bn) in damages. The outcome was eagerly awaited by software developers who feared that a victory for Oracle might encourage more such legal actions. .

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Wired Magazine

Its charter clarifies how the company will act in situations that are often swayed by profit motives. Commitments include a refusal to sell user data to third parties; a declaration never to campaign for public policies unless they align with its mission and values, regardless of economic benefits; a decision not to use "loopholes or other esoteric but legal tax management strategies" to avoid taxes; and a commitment to donating five per cent of its after-tax profit to arts and music education, and to organisations fighting systemic inequality. Perry Chen, founder and chairman, explains the company's thinking.

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